Do You Know How to Party?

by: EJ on 12/18/2015

This is an important question to ponder as holiday parties line up back to back or even overlap! In her hot off the press book, The Planet Friendly Diet: Your 21-Day Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss and Optimal HealthCat Smiley shares her tips on how to allow yourself a bit of indulgence during the holidays.  It can be a good thing!  And, if you order her book today, it will arrive just in time to help you get back on track in 2016. Permission to party from one of Canada's top trainers - what's not to like about that?

Between catching up with friends and family, fabulous soirées and, of course, those festive celebrations, some weeks are all about eating, drinking and being merry! If you stay on track most of the time, a little bit of indulgence and carefree eating can be loads of fun. So kick back and enjoy this time, minimize weight gain and look forward to getting back on track after the celebrations.


Cat Smiley and Mantis (photo credit: Cat Smiley)

Action Steps

• If there’s a party close to home, why not throw on your warmest winter jacket and power walk there instead of getting a designated driver. Carry your dress shoes, grab your friends and burn off the extra calories you’ll be eating at the event!

• Don’t arrive hungry. Many diet conscious people blow their calorie budget on the buffet dinner, skipping breakfast and lunch the next day. This confuses the body and slows down your metabolism — otherwise known as “yo-yo dieting.” Consistency is your best bet, mini-meals throughout the day keep you energized, reducing temptation to overeat at night.

• Pick your battles — when every appetizer tantalizes your taste buds, it’s easy to forget how hard you worked this year to keep your weight down. Remember the days you really didn’t want to go to the gym, but you went anyway.

pg 77

Festive Holiday Torte.  Click here for recipe

• Taste new things but keep portion sizes small. Mystery recipes often have mystery fat calories.  Keep your hands busy (drink in one hand, purse in the other) and conversation flowing to avoid the host continually offering you more. The drink doesn’t have to be alcoholic — and if you’re trying new drinks, pace yourself.

• Have a kick-ass workout before you go. Even 20 minutes is better than nothing. Get outside  everyday — the fresh air is priceless. Happy living is about sustaining mental, physical and social well-being.

• Relax your calorie counting. Sometimes getting offtrack can refresh your enthusiasm for healthy living. The important thing is to stay healthy enough to be physically ready to get back into it.




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