May the Dude Be with You: The Final Day of Our 12 Days of Holiday #Giving

by: EJ on 12/12/2015

All good things must come to an end - but must they?  Today is the last day of our 50% off holiday sale, so I guess that good thing is ending, but the incredible value of the shared ideas and knowledge that forms the basis of our 12 Days of #Giving will stay with you.

I hope you took advantage of the opportunity to give to Syrian refugees on #GivingTuesday.  Further to that post, we found out that our own Gabriola Island will be sponsoring two refugee families, so we are giving our New Society Christmas donations to SAGA (Sanctuary Gabriola), to help these families find their feet in their new home in Canada.

Did you read about all the great things to eat?  Like spiced pear butter... Hot cocoa and rum and ginger liqueur... Holiday cheese torte ... ...Shortbread...and Tomatillo mincemeat. The best part about the tomatillo recipe was finding out tomatillos can grow in Nova Scotia! Who knew?

Our authors also shared so much helpful advice in their blogs.  From the best business advice fathers can give, to how to make the most of the holiday season by celebrating with gratitude, to homemade gifts given with love to kickstarting your fitness program to work off those holiday treats.

And it has been a Happy Climate Pivot indeed, with Canada‚Äôs announcement of a new climate goal -- calling on COP21 attendees to support an agreement to restrict planetary warming to just 1.5  degrees Celsius, not 2 degrees.

Thanks to everyone who visited our blogs.  I hope you got a bundle of great books to read over the holidays, fuel your dreams and spur you on to great things. The world needs you.

May the Dude be with you.






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