New Sustainable Building Essentials Series dedicated to cofounder Kip Plant

by: Sara on 09/09/2015

Christopher (Kip) Plant (1950 – 2015) was cofounder of New Society Publishers Canada and very passionate about sustainable building methods.  Prior to his passing he was very excited to see this series coming together and after many years of acquiring books on the topic he was delighted that New Society Publishers was taking on the entire

PlantChris (800x550)

realm of sustainable building with the same passion he personally had for many years.  So it is in his honour New Society Publishers launches this incredible series aimed to provide the most concise and essential information on methods and practices for all aspects of sustainable building. 

THE SUSTAINABLE BUILDING ESSENTIALS SERIES covers the full range of natural and green building techniques with a focus on sustainable materials and methods and code compliance. Firmly rooted in sound building science and drawing on decades of experience, these large-format, highly illustrated manuals deliver comprehensive, practical guidance from leading experts using a well-organized step-by-step approach. Whether your interest is foundations, walls, insulation, mechanical systems or final finishes, these unique books present the essential information on each topic including:

  • Material specifications, testing and building code references
  • Plan drawings for all common applications
  • Tool lists and complete installation instructions
  • Finishing, maintenance and renovation techniques
  • Budgeting and labor estimates
  • Additional resources




Written by the world’s leading sustainable builders, designers and engineers, these succinct, user-friendly handbooks are indispensable tools for any project where accurate and reliable information are key to success. GET THE ESSENTIALS!

The first two titles of the series, Essential Hempcrete Construction and Essential Prefab Straw Bale Construction are by the series editor Chris Magwood, and will be released in the Spring of 2016.







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