Partners for Youth Empowerment 2014 Highlights

by: EJ on 01/12/2015

Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy, authors of Catch the Fire: An Art-Full Guide to Unleashing the Creative Power of Youth Adults and Communities, have, with the help of a community of supporters and partner organizations, positively impacted the lives of over 200,000 teenagers around the world. Please see the showcase below of ten highlights of the year they have shared with us!


PYE Global 1


January: The Creative Community Camp arrives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 30 youth and 18 adults from mixed economic and social backgrounds convene for a week of creativity and learning.


PYE Global 2


February: PYE’s new book, Catch the Fire makes it’s way around the world. Teaching artists in Zagreb, Croatia, show off their new copies.


PYE Global 3


March and April: Senior International Trainer Nadia Chaney expands our community of Canadian facilitators through trainings in Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa.




May: Youth workers and teaching artists participate in our first in-depth, four-month, Art of Facilitation training in the UK, held with LIFEbeat UK.


PYE Global 5


May: Facilitators in Uganda celebrate the completion of the first phase of the Art of Facilitation Training.




June: 32 participants ages 17 to 77 increase their skills at Catch the Fire, our first annual five-day creativity training led by PYE founders Charlie Murphy and Peggy Taylor.


PYE Global 6


August: 29 Teens from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda convene for the Africa Youth Leadership Experience (AYLE) a program created by former PYE intern Andrew Nalani.


PYE Global 7


August: 45 young people and 25 adults convene on Whidbey Island for our 2nd annual Power of Hope Camp led by PYE.


PYE Global 8


August: 60 North American facilitators convene on Whidbey Island for our first ever Social Artists Festival—an extravaganza of learning and networking.


PYE Global 9


October: South Africans increase their skills at Creative Facilitation and Art of Facilitation Trainings held with our partner Imitheyelanga in Cape Town.


And on the horizon...
 There is so much that’s waiting to happen in 2015. PYE have new partners coming on line in Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and the San Francisco Bay Area.  They are partnering with Ashoka’s Changemaker School movement on a pilot initiative to bring the Creative Community practices into classrooms in the UK and beyond. And we are crafting a bold strategic plan to increase and scale our impact to reach one million young people per year by 2020.


Please consider making a donation to help light the spark for thousands of young people around the world.  Visit Partners for Youth Empowerment for more information.



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