Permaculture Activist On-Line Resource Coming Soon

by: EJ on 02/20/2015

Peter Bane, publisher of The Permaculture Activist Magazine and author of The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country has decided the time has come for the magazine to get an upgrade. 


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Along with Senior Editor, John Wages, he hopes to raise $15,000 to completely redo The Permaculture Activist Magazine website. They invite you to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign.  Please click here to visit their campaign page.


The Permaculture Activist is a quarterly magazine which has been published for nearly 30 years.  In a way, they are a sister to New Society Publishers. Established at the same time, The Permaculture Activist has covered similar topics to New Society Publishers over the years. 

Peter Bane explains that the magazine covers "cutting edge holistic thinking with stories about regular people solving basic problems of living, building, farming, economics and community relations."  The magazine has had a website since 1998.  Current plans include producing a digital version of the magazine as well as digitizing back issues.


With the new website, subscribers will be able to access hundreds of articles containing valuable information previously only available in back issues of the magazine. Join the growing group of people around the world who know that The Permaculture Activist is spot-on with the best information on culture change and creating self-reliant, local economies. 


Peter Bane says, "If you believe in the power of grassroots wisdom and the power of education, please give what you can to help launch the new website."












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