S.A.D. - New Society Publishers' Style

by: EJ on 01/20/2015

Photo Credit: Alice Popkorn

Here at New Society we have our own unique version of S.A.D..  Most of you who have the pleasure of dwelling here with us in the Pacific North West under the grey cloud blanket all winter long will recognize this acronym as Seasonal Affective Disorder. For marketing staff at New Society, we call it Seasonally Affected Disorder and we contract it as we try and juggle several book seasons at the same time.  Symptoms include randomly calling out "What season is this book in?"  and "Why can't I find...argh, this is 2015, not 2014", some occasional hair pulling, low levels of frustration, utterances of unprintable expletives,  but luckily not depression. 

This week we are finalizing our tipsheets for Fall 2015 titles.  Tipsheets contain all relevant information about a book in one place for easy use by sales reps when they pitch our books to bookstores.  For a sneak peek at what's coming up for fall, stay tuned to our Facebook Page for questions about covers and follow us on Twitter for news from new authors like Rob Greenfield @RobJGreenfield and Michael Lavergne @Sourcing_Guru.

Working with new books and authors is always a thrill but in the excitement, don't forget that Fall 2014 books, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, by Christia Crook and Seed Libraries: And Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People by Cindy Conner will be off press any day now.  And the first book of Spring 2015, Homemade for Sale: How to Set Up and Market a Food Business from Your Home Kitchen by Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko will land on my desk in a matter of days. 

Spring titles that come later in the year need to have their long lead queries sent out now, and Fall 2015 titles covers and titles need to be finalized ASAP! 

What season is it again?  Oh yeah, winter.  Or maybe spring?  Or are we just seeing the tail end of fall? The good thing about the New Society version of S.A.D. is that it doesn't make us feel blue.  There is plenty to be excited about and never a dull moment.








And if you do suffer from the real S.A.D. here is something to cheer you up.  You can still pre-order all of these books at 20% off, even if some are in the Fall 2014 season!  




P.S.  Sara says, "Don't forget The Art of Natural Building - Revised and Updated, Spring 2014, also coming any day now!




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