by: EJ on 11/25/2016

New Society Publishers is happy to join with people in 65 countries around the world to celebrate Buy Nothing Day today.


Buy Nothing Day is an  international day of protest against consumerism held annually the day after American Thanksgiving.  Buy Nothing Day was the brain child of Kalle Larson, Editor in Chief of Adbusters magazine. Larson has spent his career speaking out against consumerism and the impact it’s had on the planet and our own well-being.  In this interview on Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN Larson explains the reason behind #BuyNothingDay.  Adbusters was not able to purchasing advertising space for the featured ad on any major television networks. 


Larson hits all the major points in the interview. He declares to the incredulity of the interviewer, "People don't realize quite realize the consequences of their consumption. Over consumption is the mother of all our environmental problems... We, the rich one billion consumer 86% of all the goods in the global marketplace, leaving a lousy 14% for the rest of the 5 billion."

After describing the environmental and social costs of over consumption, Larson explains, "We are living off the backs of our own children, living off the backs of future generations." The interviewer replies, "Somehow that all sounds nice and politically correct but I don't think people will stop buying for that particular reason."

If that is not a compelling reason, what is?  Time to wake up and realize what the true costs of our avarice really are. Buy Nothing today and join the growing movement towards a more sustainable future. 


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