Celebrate Canada Day!

by: EJ on 06/30/2016
Posted in: Activism

Today's huge news is that the Northern Gateway Pipeline has been cancelled!

New Society Publishers staff have been involved in actions opposing the Northern Gateway since it was announced and we couldn't be happier with this decision. 


Read a guest blog from Jean Wyenberg our Publishing Assistant, Customer Service, and Office Manager extraordinaire, written in 2013 about why she opposed the pipeline.





Since then, both as a company and as individuals, we’ve continually spoken up about the need to prevent this project from going ahead.




In 2014, New Society Publishers agreed to distribute The Salmon Recipes: Stories of Our Endangered North Coast Cuisine recipe book in the United States with profits going  to The Prince Rupert Environmental Society, Save our Skeena Salmon,  which was instrumental in ensuring that British Columbia's coastal waters remain tanker-free. 


In 2015, we published Carrie Saxifrage's The Big Swim: Coming Ashore in a World Adrift, a compelling and unusual memoir about climate change action.  Carrie's work on First Nations response to the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline has garnered critical acclaim. You can read her blog "Top Ten Things You Can Do to Help Stop Climate Change" here.


So it is truly a day and a weekend to celebrate, Canada!  Please enjoy this video from the Gabriola Island Singers who are performing Gail Lund's winning entry to the Celebrate Canada choral competition.  (yup, that is Marketing Coordinator, EJ Hurst and her mom Joscelyn singing)





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