Comfort Food for Colds Days

by: Sara on 12/08/2016
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Credit: Kenneth G. Libbrecht

Here on the West Coast of Canada we are bracing for our first snowstorm in nearly three years. I know, generally speaking snow and Canada are synonymous with one another. But here on what we local's refer to as the "Wet Coast" while winter rainstorms are a near daily occurrence, snow is well..a special treat...if you consider frozen pipes, slipping on ice and out of practice snow drivers special.

Perhaps I sound old and cynical, but my son feels only joy at the thought of snow as he eagerly follows the weather report and counts the days with snowflakes and begs me for a snow day before the flakes have even started to fall. Hard to be a scrooge with that sort of excitement around.

One of the best things about cold winter days in my opinion, is hot, delicious soup. It warms the hands and nourishes the body and feeds the soul...Okay I know its only soup but I think it is the ultimate comfort food and most definitely hygge! There are three days left to receive 35% off all New Society titles. Enter Winter2016 at checkout.

Follow the links to download recipes for Roasted Cauliflower Hidden Garlic Soup and Spicy Chestnut Soup two recipes from The Winter Harvest Cookbook: How to Select and Prepare Fresh Seasonal Produce All Winter Long by Lane Morgan.


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