Don't Waste Your Precious Energy Being Afraid....Got Lots to Do Instead

by: EJ on 11/09/2016


Today's guest blog is written by Judith Plant, co-founder and publisher of New Society Publishers who asks us, "Are we ready to get out of the chair of complacency? Are we ready to face the hard work of creating a just and sustainable society?"

Last week I listened to this year's entire Massey Lectures, entitled The End of History?  Jennifer Welsh eloquently and succinctly details how liberal democracy, held in such high esteem by so many, has profoundly failed. This, to me, is the deep story behind last night's debacle where we saw this failure with our own incredulous eyes. And just in case there was ever any doubt that liberal democracy is the handmaiden of capitalism, please notice that, once again, patriarchy has delivered to us a big white male who promises to save the people from all that is falling apart all around us.

So if you don't buy this, now what? Are we awake enough yet to shake our collective heads and realize that no matter who wins, it is the system that is bankrupt, it is the system that works for the one percent regardless of anything or anyone else. It cannot be 'fixed' from the inside. Whoever 'wins' is immediately tainted. So are we ready to get out of the chair of complacency, that comfortable place where we have been told that all we have to do is vote for the right person and everything will be okay? Yes, another world is possible but not just because we reject the one in front of us. Are we ready for the hard work of creating a just and sustainable society? Can we embrace this real possibility and the responsibility that goes with it? Have we got the guts to let go of personal entitlement, that ridiculous notion that we deserve privilege? Our communities need us; our families and friends need us. This is where we turn to when all else fails. This is where our hope lies.

I don't have a ready-made answer but I do suggest a strategy. Our solutions will lie within our ability to work together with our shared values of love, peace, compassion and respect for ourselves and for the earth under our feet. Start here. Get out of that chair, step into our communities and start to build another world. Use our shared values as constant guiding principles, reject dualistic thinking where I'm Right and You're an Idiot. Be patient. Trust in rejecting the either/or mentality, believe in the power of the people and the power of love for each other. This work is perhaps the greatest challenge ever faced by humankind. Slowly we will create a new world and it will look nothing like this one!



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