Dumpster Diving Across America with Rob Greenfield

by: Madhu on 07/08/2016

You have a deep respect for the environment, you compost, you recycle, but you have always wondered if there is more you can do. Let us introduce you to author and activist, Rob Greenfield! With the aim of creating zero-waste on his incredible 4,700 mile bicycle journey across the United States, Rob, who is the author of Dude Making a Difference: Bamboo Bikes, Dumpster Dives and other Extreme Adventures across America, did just that. Rob’s intention was to create awareness around sustainable living, and in doing so, inspire others to live simply and sustainably. As part of our Summer Sale 2016, you can receive a 35% discount off this eye-opening read from July 1st to July 10th. Simply enter the coupon code Summer16 at the checkout when ordering online.

The following is an article from Rob’s blog, RobGreenfield.TV, entitled “Rob Greenfield’s Guide to Dumpster Diving.” Rob highlights the wastage of perfectly good food that occurs at grocery stores across the country--food that could feed people in need, as opposed to ending up in a landfill. It was first published on July 24, 2015 and is reprinted here with permission. You can view the original article in it's entirety here.


I desire to put an end to food waste and hunger in America. Sure, it’s a lofty goal, a seriously lofty goal, but I believe that it is possible. In my youth, I see a time when every dumpster in America is completely void of all food. But in the mean time our dumpsters are full of perfectly good food and we may as well eat it! First and foremost, I encourage grocery stores to donate their excess food rather than throw it in the dumpster. But in the case of their social and environmental negligence, I encourage people to get out there, dive into dumpsters, eat the food, share the food, and raise awareness about food waste and hunger.

I want you to hit the dumpsters! Even if you don’t want to eat it or collect it for others I still encourage you to go see the waste for yourself.


This is Madison, Wisconsin:


Detroit, Michigan


San Diego, California

Our grocery store dumpsters in America are filled to the brim with perfectly good food and I’ve been in over 1,000 dumpsters in 25 states across the country to see for myself. Before diving into this guide to dumpster diving let me show you why you’d have any desire to dive into a dumpster.

Two years ago I had never dove into a dumpster in my life and I had no clue that we are wasting so much food. In fact, we throw away nearly half of the food we produce, enough to feed more than 200 million Americans. The numbers are out there, but most people have to see it to believe it. So in over a dozen cities across America I have taken the dumpsters to the people! All of these photos represent just one or two days’ worth of dumpster diving and amount to $1,000’s worth of perfectly good food.

As you can see a ton of perfectly good food is being thrown away by grocery stores. You could live 100% on food from dumpsters and I know people who are doing it. I once cycled from Wisconsin to New York City eating exclusively dumpster food and traveling without money. So now onto the guide! This will tell you basically everything you need to know to get in the dumpsters and be successful with your dives. This guide is dumpster diving for food and focuses almost completely on grocery stores. See guide here in the original post.


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