Last Day of Fall Book Sale

by: Sara on 09/30/2016

It has certainly been an interesting week for New Society Publishers. As mentioned in yesterdays's blog post, Gabriola Island, where New Society is located, suffered a major power outage when a barge, carrying a crane, took out the power lines that connect Mudge Island and Garbiola Island to the main power grid on Vancouver Island. Although electricity has been restored, the phone lines and internet are still down.


Office dog Maggie enjoying the power outage

It certainly gives one time to reflect on the relevance of the books we publish, specifically, and somewhat ironically on the Fall Book Sale theme, which is to slow down, create community and enjoy the simple things in life. The ideas put forth in Christina Crooks, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World were if not willingly, most definitely, put into practice this week.

I don't think the irony is lost on us that a company, who has a mission to disseminate the tools to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, is dependent on a fragile, and somewhat archaic power grid, to fulfill or day to day functions. As a B Certified, carbon-neutral company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to walk our talk, but events like this demonstrate that there is always more ways we can be putting ideas into action. I think as a group we will be looking to books like Power from the Wind, Power from the Sun and The Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy for inspiration, while at the same time, enjoying these last moments of disconnection.

Enjoy this last day of our Fall book sale with a 35% discount on all books. Just enter the code FALL2016 at check out and hit the redeem button.


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