New Year, New You! What's Your #HappySize?

by: EJ on 01/05/2016

Happy New Year everyone!  We are having our first snow day of the year and it is so beautiful! I hope your holidays were safe and happy and you heeded some of Cat Smiley's party advice on how to indulge yourself wisely. 

Now comes the time to get back on track and Cat is ready with the newly released Planet Friendly Diet: Your 21-Day Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss Optimal Health. Cat explains in her introduction why she wrote Planet Friendly Diet after dealing with personal issue around exercise addiction, body image and disordered eating.

Planet Friendly Diet book project became my corner of change and recovery happened naturally. I could feel myself becoming a better person, and I liked her! I stopped detoxing, working out like a maniac and being embarrassed about wearing size 12 jeans. Having the opportunity to do small acts of compassion every day (that were unrelated to health and fitness) moved my self-worth away from what I weighed; instead I valued myself based on what I contributed to the world. I realized my voice as an educator could not only take weight off my customers at Whistler Fitness Vacations, but also provide a platform that might help them evolve and reconnect with humanity. I figured that the “do-good” factor of eating more compassionately, ethically and more eco-consciously might elevate my clients’ sense of self, and kindness would follow towards the way they treated both themselves and the people [and animals] around them. It could change the world!

My nutrition philosophy is about getting back to basics with local natural foods of the soil. I target natural weight loss through increased fruits and vegetables, providing all the  nutrition, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fats, proteins and carbohydrates needed to lose weight and keep it off — without starving yourself. The goal is to increase nutrient assimilation by blending specific produce together to break down the cells of plants and improve digestibility by unlocking the raw nutrients.

Strong is the new skinny as far as the buzz word marketing hype flooding facebook feeds everywhere, and, well, skinny has moved over to become merely just a perception. As a body transformation specialist and owner of Whistler Fitness Vacations weight loss retreat, I’ve seen 200lb clients dancing around in their skinny jeans because they feel so light and free after losing 50lbs.

"The Planet Friendly Diet teaches you to pay attention to what you are eating, why you are eating it, how much you are eating and when you are eating it. You prepare healthy meals, paying attention to your nourishment and satisfaction, and forcing you to break old automatic habits, triggers for eating other than hunger and other unhealthy relationships to food.” – Dr. Karen van Wyk, M.D.

"The Planet Friendly Diet connects the dots between a healthy environment and a healthy body. If more of us read this book and followed its sensible and inspiring message to eat as if the world depended on it, we'd all be better off. ... You're given a positive road map to a happier and healthier life. Eat less (or no) meat, shop locally for greens and enjoy super smoothies -- that's a recipe we can all follow."---David Tracey author of Guerrilla Gardening and Urban Agriculture
 Finding your #HappySize is not about dieting.  It is about feeling good about yourself and your place in the world.

Cat Smiley says in her book dedication, "This book was written for all who have struggled in their relationship with food, or felt confused about what to eat. I hope that it will help  you find your #happysize and empower you to trust yourself. The world is yours…kick-start your change!"


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