Sustainable Building Essentials Series Launched

by: Sara on 06/13/2016

We are excited to announce that the Sustainable Building Essentials Series has officially launched with the release of Essential Hempcrete Construction, The Complete Step-by-step Guide by the series co-editor Chris Magwood.

THE SUSTAINABLE BUILDING ESSENTIALS SERIES was written with the practical, sustainable builder in mind. This unique series covers the full range of natural and green building techniques with an emphasis on sustainable materials, methods and code compliance.

Rob's house for blog resized for web

New Society Editor, Rob West's, low-carbon home in the making

Intended as practical guides, these highly illustrated manuals are packed with comprehensive guidance from leading experts. Using a well-organized, step-by-step approach, this series covers the gamut from foundations, walls, insulation, and mechanical systems, to finishing touches, and include essential information on: 

  • Material specifications, testing, and building code references
  • Plan drawings for all common applications
  • Tool lists and complete installation instructions
  • Finishing, maintenance, and renovation techniques
  • Budgeting and labor estimates
  • Additional resources

In the following video, New Society Publishers editor, Rob West, explains why he felt the need for a building series on natural and green building techniques with a focus on sustainable materials, methods and code compliance.

  Stay tuned for the second book Essential Prefabricated Straw Bale Construction, also by author Chris Magwood, which will be hitting bookstores in July.


Series Titles

  • Essential Light Straw Clay Construction, Lydia Doleman, Spring 2017
  • Essential Sustainable House Design, Chris Magwood, Spring 2017
  • Essential Cordwood Construction, Rob Roy, Fall 2017
  • Essential Natural Plasters, Fall 2017
  • Essential Low-Carbon House Design, Fall 2017
  • Essential High Performance Framing, Spring 2018
  • Essential Cob Construction, Spring 2018
  • Essential Rammed Earth Construction, Spring 2018
  • Essential Tiny House Construction, Spring 2018
  • Essential Green Roofs, Fall 2018
  • Essential Composting Toilets, Fall 2018
  • Essential Earthbag Construction, Fall 2018
  • Essential Rainwater Harvesting and Use, Fall 2018 

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