Twelve Reasons to Support New Society Publishers and Indie Bookstores

by: EJ on 02/07/2018

When you buy from New Society Publishers, you are doing more than just purchasing great books.  Buying from an independent publisher or independent bookstore is the publishing world’s version of buying local.


With every dollar spent on a New Society Publishers book, you:

  1. Support authors working hard to create and share solutions for a better future
  2. Help grow the recycled paper industry and save trees - lots of them
  3. Buy from one of only two Certified B Corporation book publishers in North America (the other is Berrett Koehler)
  4. Contribute to the health of the North American printing industry, including the employee-owned Friesens Printing of Altona, MB
  5. Save water and electricity while reducing the release of air pollutants and the use of landfill space
  6. Contribute to  carbon sequestration through New Society's offsetting partnership with the Community Carbon Marketplace
  7. Help spread the message about environmentally responsible ereading
  8. Share the wealth with non-profits and like-minded organizations through New Society Publishers’ affiliate program
  9. Help contribute dollars and volunteer time to our community through New Society Publishers’ employee volunteer program
  10. Provide employment for our fabulous, dedicated and hard-working staff who own a third share in the company though an employee trust
  11. Fund treats for office dogs
  12. And, best of all, help our company do what we love to do - publish great books that offer practical solutions to change the world!


Please buy a New Society book today and fund our office doggie treats.


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