Bring the Bees On!

by: Sara on 02/22/2017

Here on the west coast we have been enduring a colder winter than recent memory serves. Some say climate change, others say it reminds them of "normal" winters from the not so distant past. Either way you slice it, it has been cold, icy and snowy!


First crocuses after the snow

We received over a 1-1/2 feet of snow in January and what was unusual was that is stuck around. Eventually the rain came, as it always does on the coast and after making the snow slushy and gross and no fun for playing, it melted away. And what appeared when the last snow was washed

away, but the first signs of spring...beautiful purple crocuses...and wasps! My son, who has a serious reaction to stings, was stung twice on the arm while waiting for a ride after school! In February! So if the wasps are coming out of hibernation the bees can't be far behind...which means spring is almost here! 

So in celebration of the return of the flowers and the bees and the sun, along with our 35% off all books sale until March 2nd, we offer  an excerpt from the new book by Christy Hemenway, Advanced Top Bar Beekeeping: Next Steps for the Thinking Beekeeper in which Christy talks about catching a swarm of bees! Click here to read about it:


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