Celebrating Our Diverse Family at the Mother Earth News Fair

by: Sara on 02/17/2017

Today's blog is by our Managing Editor Ingrid Witvoet who is attending the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, TX.

Today I’m in Belton, Texas for the first Mother Earth News Fair of 2017. After a somewhat tumultuous few weeks in the USA, it’s wonderful to be meeting up with such a fantastic, diverse group of folks, all looking into similar ideas, but coming from a wide variety of perspectives and backstories.


Yesterday, as we all started arriving from various parts of the continent, a few of us shared a drink and a late meal. The group included a couple of members of the Mother Earth News team, myself, and a couple of New Society’s treasured authors.

Our fabulous server was interested in where we were all from, and we listed off several states and a province for good measure. Then she asked, ‘Is it a family reunion? Is that why you’re all here?

’Well, we laughed, but it sort of is. This huge, sprawling family, encompassing points north, east ,south, and west, is a great one. It’s one made up of members from every faith, from no faith, rural farmers, city folk;


Ingrid and Mike getting reuniting at the fair

everyone interested in the same ideas – building community, embracing diversity, taking back varying degrees of control over food, foodsheds, our environment, and our futures.

New Society Publishers is proud to partner with Mother Earth News on these Fairs, and on the Urban Homesteading Institute, to help all of us in our different but similar quests.This weekend, let’s celebrate this family made up of every political, cultural, religious stripe. This is our human family, and it’s the best family. In the words of a wise man, this way lies beauty and abundance.

Join us on line at: #MENF @NewSocietyPub @MotherEarthNewsFair


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