Give the Gift of Health and Happiness

by: Sara on 12/03/2017


The holidays can be at time of over indulgence, whether it’s an extra cookie,  a second or fourth Baileys over ice, or a few too many days stuck in the house hiding from the cold. And while indulging -- in moderation -- can be a treat, rich foods and alcoholic beverages may start out making us feel merry and bright, but as pants begin to tighten and heads begin to spin , that all-over sluggish feeling can start to set in.

Of course, most of us have that one friend or family member who seems to be immune, continuing their daily run through the nature trails in -25 weather with two feet of snow on the ground. The person we most admire…and well, kind of hate…is most certainly on to something.

Luckily we have the book for both of you! The Secret Life of Your Microbiome: Why Nature and Biodiversity are Essential to Health and Happiness by Susan Prescott and Alan Logan offers a look inside the amazing unseen world of the microbial world and how healthy food and exercise are not the only predictors of health -- protecting nature and our access to it is also key.

Our gut, to our skin, our environment and community --  all are critical ingredients for health and longevity. Learn how our great communicator, our immune system, is a mobile brain that interacts with the micro-organisms that surround us, with profound health consequences.

The Secret Life of Your Microbiome will demonstrate why are bodies can handle only so much “merry and bright,” and explores the importance of diversity in our lifestyle.

The Secret Life of Your Microbiome also includes great recipes from The Gut Girl Marlies Venier for balancing your gut bacteria with a focus on cultured and fermented foods.

The perfect gift for those interested in their health and nature and how the two intersect.

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