Giving Gifts that Make a Difference

by: Sara on 11/30/2017

I’m going to start our 12 Days of Giving sale with a confession: I am a complete stress-case this time of year as I try to find ideal gifts, and I over spend on things that people probably don't even need anyway, and I feel my dearly held values around consumption slip away.

keep calm

For many who know me this may came as a surprise as I am generally a thrifty person. Somewhat by necessity, but also driven by my social and economic values – in fact, my son stayed on the Santa train well past most of his peers because, in his words, "there’s no way you would buy me all that stuff."

This is not to say that I break the bank, and I do try hard to purchase things that will resonate with the receiver and have an element

of fun. But, in the end it often comes down to my obsession with making sure I have some "thing" to offer everyone, and that it all fits somewhat within my budget and my values. Sounds fun, relaxing, and magical right? 

With all this in mind, I hope you’ll join me on this journey over the next 12 days as we explore books that will help to align your giving with your values, and that will keep giving all year long.

Tomorrow we’ll start by exploring how the money we spend has the potential to create social and environmental change, with The Better World Shopping Guide: Every Dollar Makes A Difference by Ellis Jones. This pocket guide will help you tell the "good guys" from the "bad guys' and make sure your money is not supporting corporations interested solely in the bottom line. And if you’re like me and on a tight budget, appreciate a good deal, and want to support companies that do good, so you can sleep well at night, you will appreciate our 50% discount on all books ordered online between Dec 1-12th at Just enter the code GIFT50 at check out. Keep calm, and give on!

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