The Permaculture Market Garden Now Off Press

by: EJ on 02/07/2017

Although I know I’m not supposed to have favourites, I have to confess that I do love this book.  The Permaculture Market Garden: A Visual Guide to a Profitable Whole-systems Farm Business is the perfect blend of beauty, practicality, and common sense. 


And after meeting author Zach Loeks and his wife Kylah Dobson at the Guelph Organic Conference, I’d say that they’re pretty much the same.  At their Kula Permaculture Farm, this hard-working pair runs a market garden and four-season CSA, while also offering cooking and wellness classes, yoga, summer camps for kids, and sustainable agriculture and permaculture consulting. Oh, and they’re raising two amazing kids, too.

At the Guelph Organic Conference, I watched as Zach tirelessly offered up his enthusiasm and advice in the Speaker’s Corner, a spot for workshop attendees to connect one-on-one with instructors. 

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He was at the stand so long I joked it should be called “The Speaker's Cornered,” but Zach was only too pleased to meet readers and fellow farmers and talk about his passion and his new book, The Permaculture Market Garden.

Here is what Zach had to say about the arrival of his first book.

When a hardcopy of The Permaculture Market Garden first arrived at our farm, my eldest daughter asked, “is this a storybook?  Is this one of dad’s stories?”  You see, I have been telling both my girls stories since they were born.  


I told them stories with beginnings, middles and ends.  Stories of adventure, heartache, and suspenseful conclusion.  In a way, she asked the right question—this book is indeed a story. It is about beginnings -- our roots in permaculture and farming; and middles -- the plans and obstacles we faced growing forward; and it’s about ends -- the successful designs and techniques we have integrated over the past decade. 

It is also a story of ecological farming, beginning with a crash course in natural science and ecosystem services; developing suspense with our process of farm mapping, planning and design; and concluding with our own Permabed system. Finally, it offers a tasty vision for the future — the active paradigm shift into economically viable, environmentally fit, and management-feasible agro-ecosystems.  A transition that can happen one bed, one guild, and one farm at a time to delineate new regional agro-ecologies.  

So with the hardcopy finally in hand, I see it is a story— one that builds naturally and comes full cycle to where it begins. A story of regenerative agriculture for profit resilience.  It is a story that makes ecological sense because it makes agricultural cents. 

This highly visual guide combines Zach's system for sustainable permaculture food production systems with beautiful, vibrant illustrations showing how to smoothly integrate of permaculture into the market garden.  It profiles crops and ecosystem-based systems, demonstrating a profitable, sustainable, and approachable model for the future of market gardening that is accessible to everyone.


People are already raving about this book.  Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm says, “A legacy of grateful land is surely a memorial that can capture both our imagination and our physical effort.  Such a sacred mission deserves the level of thought Zach beckons us to pursue. Engaging in this discovery and planning process is worth the effort, and Zach gives us another tool to engage more strategically.  Now get out paper, pencil, ruler, and graph paper.  It's that simple, and that rewarding.”

Peter Bane, father of North American permaculture and author of the The Permaculture Handbook says, “Bringing permaculture’s holistic thinking to the problems of market farming, Zach Loeks has done this burgeoning economic sector a world of good with his pithy words and lovely drawings. Not a book about carrots, but one in which vegetables, children, customers, trees, vision, and earthworms shape a matrix of success. Business planning was never before this colorful, soulful, or needed for the times.”

This is a book that needs to be on every serious and no so serious gardener’s shelf.  Order your copy now from our website!


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