We're Supporting Plan Canada for Giving Tuesday ...

by: EJ on 11/28/2017

And every day.  Both Sue Custance, production manager and Ingrid Witvoet, acquiring editor, sponsor girls though Plan Canada's #BecauseIAmAGirl campaign.  Please make a purchase on our website today and help contribute funds towards these two amazing girls.


Mariamu Kazungu (photo credit: Plan)


Stella Afeti (photo credit: Plan)

Mariamu Kazungu and Stella Afeti both live in Africa.  Mariamu lives in Kenya and Stella lives in Ghana. Both girls live in simple homes with the nearest source of water is about 30 minutes from their home.  Plan Canada works closely with communities to establish priorities for children, and they use funds to support the entire community, not individuals.  Funds are pooled to support a wide range of programs including health, water and sanitation, education, and economic security.

Investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty and creating safer, brighter futures for everyone. "When we invest in a girl, she will change her own life and that of her family. And when we invest in girls’ leadership and empowerment, the same girl will also change her community, her country, and maybe even the world." (Impatient Optimists, 2014)

Sponsors are encouraged to write and even to visit the children they sponsor. Sue is going to do just that next year when she visits Africa.  Plan Canada arranges the visits and she will visit the community, meet Mariamu and her family.  Read our blog next April for pictures of her visit!

If you would like to also sponsor a child, you can find out all the information you need to know from Plan International.



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