Choice Moms Raising Peaceful Warriors

by: EJ on 03/08/2018

Happy International Women's Day.  There are so many reasons to celebrate women.  One of my favourites is this.  Paul Hawkins researched the top most effective actions to take to combat climate change for his recent book, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. He discovered that educating girls and promoting family planning is the number one solution, in terms of potential impact, for reducing climate change.  "A combination of educating girls and family planning, which together could reduce 120 gigatons of CO2-equivalent by 2050 — more than on- and offshore wind power combined (99 GT)." 

The role mothers are going to play in both of these actions cannot be over stated.  However, the path to motherhood can be complicated and difficult to navigate.  Motherhood calls to many women but not all can find their way there easily.  Sukita Crimmel, co-author of Earthen Floors: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice shared her journey with an audience at the Portland Story Theatre this past Valentine's Day.

We decide to share this moving and candid story of one woman's burning desire to become a mother of a peaceful warrior with you.


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