New Society Builds Bus Shelter in Honour of Chris Plant

by: EJ on 01/22/2019

The New Society staff has been working on a bus shelter in memory of our co-founder Christopher Plant.  The new shelter serves passengers travelling on the community bus service, GERTIE and certainly would have won Chris' heart. Staff came up with the idea a few years ago when brainstorming something that would be a suitable memorial to our friend and leader. 

Kip (800x600) (3)


Master Builder Small

The bus shelter was designed by Greg Green and the pieces were pre-cut.  We all met at the bus stop site and proceeded to put together our bus stop puzzle. 


Local baker Paul McEwan was passing on his daily delivery drive and stopped with baskets of fresh scones.  He said, "I knew when I saw the New Society mob working here it had to be a community service." Chris and Judith Plant supported Paul's Slow Rise Bakery right at the start by providing a micro loan which was repaid in bread and scones.


All of the cedar used for the siding is locally milled from a sustainably managed woodlot on Gabriola Island.  The fir used in posts, beams and bench is locally milled on Vancouver Island.  The metal roofing has a fairly large initial environmental footprint but this is somewhat offset by it's very long lifespan.The cement foundation has a high carbon footprint and is one of the worst materials for contribution to carbon.  In this case, it was chosen for its durability.  For a more in depth discussion about when you might chose cement over other options, you can read Gord Baird, author of Essential Composting Toilets article here.


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