Top Five Reasons Worms are Essential to a Healthy Garden

by: Sara on 12/05/2018

Yes, it's winter, but if you are anything like me, you think about your garden no matter the season. Today we share five of the top reasons to have works do the work in the garden. Excerpted from Crystal Stevens book, 

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Top Five Reasons Worms are Essential to a Healthy Garden

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• Often referred to as ecosystem engineers, worms — especially earthworms — play crucial roles in ecosystem functions. Earthworms improve soil structure by opening small channels or pores within the soil structure, which let air and water through, allowing plants to penetrate their roots deeper into the various layers of soil.

• They break down and recycle organic matter into useable growing medium.

• They create space in the soil for bacteria and fungi, which help make nutrients available to plants.

• They increase nutrient availability by adding and incorporating organic matter into the various levels of soil and also by unlocking the nutrients contained within dead and decaying flora and fauna, making nitrogen, phosphorus, trace minerals, and other nutrients available to microorganisms and the roots of plants.

• As part of the food web, they are eaten by predators.

Click here for worm food recipes


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