Everyone Wins with Nature Games

by: Sara on 04/09/2019

Today we are excited to share an activity from the newly revised and updated 3rd Edition of Everyone Wins! Cooperative Games & Activities for All Ages by Josette & Ba Luvmour.

Everyone Wins! is an easy to use, quick reference guide featuring over 170 well-designed cooperative games and activities for and about children, education, and the actualization of social well-being in a diverse range of environments.

IMG_6709 (2)

Bella's Nature design

When the book came off press our Data Coordinator, Alli Rose, took a copy of the book home, the next day she shared with the staff how much her children enjoyed the book.

"At dinner last night we were talking about how our kids need to learn to play more co-cooperatively.  I told them I just brought a book home from work that was all about cooperative games. Last night I showed Bella the book, and this morning while I was preparing for a webinar the kids were playing quietly.  Turns out, they'd found a two person game within their age range and went outside and did it!"

bella (1024x681)

Bella with her Nature Design

A few days later Alli sent us an update,  “Bella (almost 8) will read through the book daily looking for games for the kids to play.  Callum (5 - can't read yet) will make his suggestions for Bella to find. This book is a hit with my kids!”

The game they were playing was called Nature Designs and as part of our Spring Sale blog special, we have included a download to the game here.

Happy kids, happy parents, what more could you ask for? How about a great deal on your own copy of Everyone Wins? Order before April 15th at www.newsociety.com  and receive a 40% discount when you use the code Spring 19.


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