How do I get the best crop from winter squash?

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C Zyha

For the first time I'm growing winter squash, delicata, vining type. I'm training them up a trellis because I have a small garden. They had a few small fruits on them and now with the heat are growing gangbusters over the past few weeks. Lots of leaves and lots of new fruits. Should I be removing any of the leaves, fruits or whole stems to ensure that the largest of the fruits mature before frost? I've checked all my resources and can't find anything, which may mean no, but am hoping someone can confirm.

Thank you, Carolyn

Sunday 21 August 2011 10:08:45 am

Linda Gilkeson

Hi Carolyn,
It is too late in the season now for newly set (tiny) winter squash to mature. So your ideas that you take off new fruit to ensure the early ones mature is correct. Because it was such a cool summer, the most you should expect each plant to produce is 2 mature fruit--and by now these should be full sized and turning colour to their mature stripy appearance. No need to remove leaves, but you can also cut the tips off the vines to stop more flowers being produced. Now is a great time to experiment with squash flower recipes!
Cheers, Linda

Monday 22 August 2011 07:47:47 am