Scotland Leeks did not "self-blanch"

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Dee W

Hi Linda, love the book! In the past, I've been a leek "trencher", with good results (but a certain amount of work, of course). I was intrigued by what you said (and showed in the photo)in your new book about trenching not being necessary to get a good length of blanching, so this year I got adventuresome and did no more than an inch or two of trench, rather than 6 or more inches. Alas, my Scotland leeks have only got blanching as far as I have had them buried...when I noticed they were very green I did "cheat" and start mounding a bit of dirt up around the stalks in hopes of getting at least some lighter stalk. Otherwise, the leeks are healthy and well-grown. Is there something I missed in this process...can you enlighten me further or make a recommendation?

Saturday 20 August 2011 05:06:04 pm

Linda Gilkeson

Hi Dee,
There may be some differences between varieties, but I have grown a number of different cultivars over the years without trenching them and always have a good length of blanched stems. I do wait until the plants are quite large in the fall before I start to harvest them and I also plant fairly close together, both of which may make a difference. The half-grown leeks in my garden don't have blanched stems right now, for example, but when mature they will (always in time for our fall fair in mid-September!). I wonder if the difference between your observation and mine is that we are talking about different stages of maturity? Cheers, Linda

Monday 22 August 2011 08:42:47 am

Dee W

Thanks for response...perhaps it is the maturity, I had no idea that might enter into it (isn't gardening great for keeping those "learning" cells in the brain active?!). I planted these from starts in late spring; they are fairly close together ~5 inches or so...I'll try to be patient and see what transpires!

Monday 22 August 2011 01:52:24 pm