Winter veggie starts

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Irfane Fancey

Is there anyone who sells frost hardy (winter) vegetable starts around North Saanich or Victoria?

Wednesday 17 August 2011 09:13:05 am

Linda Gilkeson

Hi Irfane,
Try Haliburton Farm, 741 Haliburton Rd. Here is their web site:
Also, local nurseries and even grocery stores are bringing in seedlings. Just be sure you are buying winter hardy plants. Some places are selling seedlings of summer broccoli (e.g., Green Goliath, Premium Crop) and summer cauliflower (e.g., Snowball, Snow Crown). These are NOT what you want to plant now--the broccoli may have time for a shoot or two before winter if we have a very warm, long fall, but they are not hardy. The cauliflowers will also be a loss; some may produce tiny 'button heads' in late fall, but that's all. Look for purple sprouting broccoli varieties and the following cauliflowers: Purple Cape, Galleon, Aalsmeer. Any varieties of kale, kohlrabi, Swiss chard, leaf mustard, spinach, and the hardy Chinese cabbage and other leafy greens should do fine, but make sure any lettuce starts you buy are also hardy varieties (Rouge d'hiver, Arctic King, Winter Density are all good and there are others).
All the best?

Thursday 18 August 2011 08:37:41 am

miyo stevens

What about in the nanaimo area? Where is a good place to get seedlings at this time of year?

Thursday 18 August 2011 09:25:39 am