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Cathy V.R.

Hi Linda,

What is the closest you plant corn? I've tried a six inch spacing this year with Sugar Buns planted indoors on May 15, but I am still waiting for the kernels to develop on the ears.


Friday 19 August 2011 11:07:13 am

Linda Gilkeson

Hi Cathy,
I plant my corn about a food apart each way over the whole bed. If you are planting 6 inches apart, perhaps you have wider rows? Otherwise it sounds pretty crowded--and maybe the plants are slow because they are competing with each other. I have tried Sugar Buns at my house (higher elevation on Salt Spring Island) and didn't get a crop that year as they needed a longer warm season. This has been a cooler than normal summer so your plants will be later than usual. Corn will mature through September, however, so maybe you will still get a crop. Now, there is another factor, which is whether the kernals got pollinated. You can have ears but only have have sparse kernals or half an ear of kernals if a pollen grain didn't reach each of the silks that stick out of top of the ear. When people grow only a few corn plants or plant in a row, many kernals don't get fertilized because even a light breeze can blow the pollen (from the flowers a tthe top of the plant) sideways so that it doesn't fall straight down onto the ears.

Monday 22 August 2011 09:01:27 am