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EJ Hurst

I have let a couple of these grow and they now have yellow fruit, slightly stripey with a green circle around the bottom. I picked one and it seemed to have the texture of a paddy pan. Should I eat them now or let them mature? Any idea what they might be?

Friday 19 August 2011 10:43:36 am

Linda Gilkeson

Hi EJ,
Volunteer squash are almost always a result of a cross between two varieties (unless you only had one squash in your garden and no near neighbours with plants). There is no way to know what it is as it probably a hybrid between whatever you were growing last year. Unfortunately, the result of such crosses is usually inferior to the original parents--but it is always worth trying them out to see if they are good or not. Otherwise, I am sure someone you know on the island has chickens that would adore fresh squash!

Friday 19 August 2011 06:04:30 pm

EJ Hurst

Thanks Linda,

I brought a specimen to work and with a little internet research we determined that they are indeed gourds. Pretty ones but probably not that tasty!

Monday 29 August 2011 08:35:41 am