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Sara Reeves

You mention turmeric as an anti-acne treatment. Would you just purchase it from the spice section at the grocery store or did you purchase it in capsule form from a health food store?

Monday 09 January 2012 01:35:59 pm

EJ Hurst

We have a big bottle of tumeric in the spice cupboard that we use for reducing inflammation causing joint pain.

Monday 09 January 2012 03:32:50 pm

Deanna Duke

@Sara - I use both. I buy capsules of locally grown, organic turmeric and take it internally. It's supposed to be good for brain function as well as skin issues. When I have any issues with skin infections, I just use organic culinary turmeric and mix it with organic coconut oil (see a theme here happy to make a paste and apply it to the wound. Indians have been doing this for hundreds of years - the only issue is that it can stain so do it at night!

Wednesday 11 January 2012 10:22:54 am