Three collapse options

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WIlliam Yeates

Hey Dimitri I would like you advice as to which of the three following choices, the three that are realistically available to me. Which do you think will be the best place to be in a collapsing world.

#1 Portland Oregon a city that is striving to us less energy, lots of people are getting on to the Idea of sustainability. Decent climate, the house that I own well 26 % of it, does not need to be heated. I have a few friends and they are not really tight friends I am uncertain how much they would be able to help me out? I do have A job, I make false teeth, how much longer I am unsure.

#2 Salt Lake City Utah. MY family is there and having its roots in Mormonism, it is a huge tribe, over 60 people and if you start talking extended family it is huge. The majority of people there are true believes in infinite growth, every time I go there they valley is more stuffed with track housing and boy oh boy lots of Suvs, and never a shortage of babies that need the diapers changed. Mormons are natural peppers however, all the people I know have intense food storage. The Mormon Church has lots of resources some of which I believe or even non paper. I am not Mormon and a little afraid that the area may create its own version of Shari Law as things break down, any thoughts?

#3 Chaing Rai Thailand, This is where my in laws live, they are already sustainable and as far as falling out of the building they are already at ground level. I do fell comfortable with them. I would have very little money over there but also very little need for it. I am concerned about the Burmese Military Junta, Chaing Rai is a easy few days march from the border and with Uncle Sam down for the count and what you write about with the rise of the Mafia states, doesn't seem to unreasonable to think that they may try and expand there domain, especially if backed by China?

Dimitri I asked and take advice from very few in my life, thank you for your unique out look on life, and thank you for sharing and warning us, it is most helpful and appreciated.

Sunday 07 August 2011 10:37:57 am

Dmitry Orlov

Sounds like you have three reasonably good choices. I don't know how well Portland will fare, or any fairly large US city for that matter. Portland has some things going for it, but it's still quite car-centric and the resupply lines are long and precarious. I don't know how prepared the Mormons are, but I think it's rather important that you are an apostate Mormon, not a practicing one. Thailand sounds the best. I don't believe the Burmese Junta will bother you there; they'll just go on keeping the lid on in Myanmar itself, or at least trying to. I'd lean towards Thailand mostly because getting out of the US is generally advisable for people who can do it. The US is the most oil-addicted, indebted, corrupt and militarized nation on earth. It has the farthest to fall. I'd think you would be able to make money making false teeth in Thailand just as well if for less money.

Sunday 07 August 2011 06:13:29 pm