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Paperback – 224 pages
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BISAC: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Agriculture / Sustainable Agriculture
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9780865719354
Pub. Date: 2020-06-23

About the Author

Matt Stephens

Matt Stephens was born into a part-time homesteading family. Growing up on a 65-acre central Texas hobby farm, Matt learned from his parents and his rural Depression-surviving grandparents while developing a love for all things that lived and came from a farmstead lifestyle. He has transformed the family farm into a sustainable agritourism business, which has been successfully running for the past decade. He regularly presents on farming and agritourism at conferences around North America and lives in central Texas.

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A Manual for Diversifying Your Farm Income

by Matt Stephens

Opening your barn doors to the people is much more than sharing holiday hayrides, farm tours, and bottle-feeding lambs with friends. It is also a means of reconnecting people with their food and diversifying your farm income.

Packed with decades of sustainable tourism experiences, Agritourism: A Manual for Diversifying Your Farm Income is an experience-based guide to connecting with the public and developing multiple, sustainable income streams on your farm. Chock-full of case studies, Q&A's, pros and cons, solutions, priorities, and actionable items from agritourism farms that succeeded and failed. Coverage Includes:

  • Determining whether agritourism is right for you and your farm
  • Types of agritourism operations, including off-farm and on-farm experiences
  • Ideas for product and experience scenarios, including one-time, seasonal, and holiday events
  • Making money, including how and what to charge, value-added products and services, and farm accommodation
  • Business basics, including name, accounts, legalities, taxes, and more!

If you dream of opening your farm to the public, engaging with people, and developing a diversified, sustainable income, then this A-to-Z tool kit for sustainable tourism is for you.