New Society Publishers is pleased to offer direct sales of our ebooks from our website. All New Society titles have been simultaneously released as ebooks since 2009, and a wide selection of our backlist is available in electronic format as well.

A Guide to Responsible Digital Reading

At New Society Publishers, we're concerned about how our reading choices impact the planet; and since you have chosen to visit our website, we think you probably are too.

Most readers understand that buying a book printed on 100% recycled, ancient-forest friendly paper is a more environmentally responsible choice than buying one printed on paper made from virgin timber or old-growth forests. In the same way, the choices we make about our electronic reading devices can help minimize the environmental impact of our e-reading. Want to learn more?

Issues and Resources

Before your next electronic purchase, find out which companies have the best ratings in terms of environmental and social responsibility. Have the human rights of workers been respected in the manufacture of your device or in the sourcing of raw materials? What are the environmental standards of the countries where your electronics or their components are produced? Are the minerals used in your smartphone, tablet or e-reader conflict-free? Here are some resources to help you learn more:

Recycle Old Electronics Responsibly

According to the United Nations Environment Programme some 20 to 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste are generated worldwide every year, comprising more than 5% of all municipal solid waste. Toxic chemicals in electronics, such as lead, cadmium  and mercury,  can leach into the land over time or can be released into the atmosphere, impacting nearby communities and the environment. The links below will help you to recycle your electronic devices responsibly.

Of course, the greenest option is to keep your device going as long as possible. If you decide to upgrade, please give some thought to passing your old one along for someone else to use.

How to buy our ebooks

In addition to buying ebooks direct off our website (in non-DRM'd PDF and EPUB formats), the links below will take you to some of the major retail sites where our ebooks are available.