Our Team



Judith Plant is Co-founder and Publisher Emeritus

Chris Plant was previously Chief Editor and Copublisher. Sadly, Kip passed away in July 2015.




EJ Hurst is our Sales Manager, handling sales campaigns, promotion, media liaison and advertising. EJ can be reached at extension 121.





Sara Reeves is our Marketing Manager, handling marketing campaigns and acting as a liaison with media, publicists, sales reps and distributors. Sara can be reached at extension 110.




Jean Wyenberg is our Publishing Assistant, Customer Service, and Office Manager. She can be contacted for permissions, on-line order queries, catalog orders or questions about manuscript submission. She is also in charge of maintaining an adequate supply of dog cookies for all our furry friends. Jean can be reached at 111.





Julie Raddysh is our Publisher. Julie also handles all aspects of Foreign Rights and can be reached at extension 115.





Heather Nicholas is our Digital Publishing Manager. She is also active in acquisitions and serves on the Editorial Board.





Ingrid Witvoet is our Managing Editor, ensuring the smooth passage of books through the editorial process. She is also active in acquisitions and serves on the Editorial Board.




Sue Custance is our Publishing Director, scheduling and managing the book publishing process from beginning to end; from cover design through to press time Sue oversees the creative process. Sue can be reached at extension 200.





Greg Green is our Design Director, overseeing the design of NSP books and catalogs, and coordinating graphics and layout.




Rob West is our Director of Collaborative Publishing and Special Sales, handling relationships with external organizations. He also serves on the Editorial Board.





Paul O’Sullivan is our IT Specialist, responsible for overseeing all in-house systems and maintaining the New Society Website and ONIX data.


Ailene Warner is our Finance Manager.