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Vegan Hot Cocoa with Whipped Cream and a decadent Irish Cream

by: Sara on 12/07/2019
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Well, today is the last day of our winter sale! We hope you enjoyed our week of holiday themed blogs where we shared Satish Kumar's vision of simple living from his book Elegant Simplicity, offered ideas for getting outside with family, and for Giving Tuesday highlighted some of our staff's favourite charities and organizations. We also created a …

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Crackers, Caramel Corn and Christmas

by: Sara on 12/06/2019
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Over the past few days we have shared recipes for corned beef and pastrami, along with chutney, pickles, and candied jalapeƱos, and a couple of different cheeses. Now we need a reliable method to transfer all this yummy goodness from the charcuterie board to our eagerly awaiting lips...enter the homemade cracker! And to counter the savory we have …

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Make Your Own Cheese or Cheeze at Home

by: Sara on 12/05/2019

Cheese, how do I love thee let me count the ways! I think we can agree that cheese is one of the stars of the holiday food season, but for a variety of reasons; allergies, ethical, or otherwise, we can't all abide in animal dairy. So in the name of inclusion, and to aid in the continuation of the cheesy love affair, we are including two recipes …

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A Holiday Charcuterie Board

by: Sara on 12/04/2019
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Cured meat products arose from the need for preservation, in a time when cooking and refrigeration were not always available. Today, charcuterie is an embodiment of art in the kitchen, combining precision, balance, patience, and creativity. Below we share recipes from Pure Charcuterie: The Craft and Poetry of Curing Meats at Home by Meredith Leigh …

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Interview with John Moody, author of The Elderberry Book

by: Sara on 10/30/2019

Today's blog interview featuring our winning giveaway questions, is with John Moody, author of the just released book The Elderberry Book: Forage, Cultivate, Prepare, Preserve  John Is also the author of The Frugal Homesteader and the upcoming book DIY Sourdough

For a bush that has been around for tens of thousands of years, what do you think is …

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