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Guest Post - Neville Williams

by: Heather on 11/26/2007
Posted in: Renewable Energy

This just in - a guest post from Neville Williams, author of Chasing the Sun and chairman of Standard Solar. Thanks Neville!


Last year I was, to my great surprise, invited to attend the highly prestigious Clinton Global Initiative in New York City. The invitation was complimentary - "members" as attendees are called pay $15,000 for the 3 day event. My invitation came out of the blue. A young woman on the line, who tracked me down via the office of New Society Publishers, said "President Clinton read your book and he says it's one of his favorites and he wants you to attend. Can you make it?"

It was short notice, but without question I could make it, despite the hotel prices at the New York Sheraton during the simultaneous UN Week having gone through the roof ($500 a night, single). The CGI was not to be missed.

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The New World War 2

by: Heather on 11/23/2007
Posted in: Peak Oil

A recent report by Germany's Energy Watch Group states that world oil production peaked in 2006 and will fall by half as early as 2030. Oil prices are hovering near $100 a barrel, and the situation in the US is exacerbated by a weak dollar and a faltering economy. Peak Oil isn't just coming faster than we think - it's upon us. But like Nero …

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Concerned About Consumerism?

by: Heather on 11/22/2007
Posted in: Events

Yes, I know it's ironic to ask everyone not to shop the day after posting about our free shipping special, but tomorrow (November 23) is Buy Nothing Day - an important opportunity to remind ourselves to take a step back from our consumer culture. Kalle Lasn,the co-founder of Adbusters who launched Buy Nothing Day as a yearly, global event, sees …

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Free Shipping!

by: Heather on 11/20/2007
Posted in: Events

Thinking about holiday shopping? We're offering free shipping for all online orders placed on our website between now and December 14th. Avoid the malls and take advantage of this great deal - for some terrific gift ideas check out the gift ideas section of our newsletter.

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John Banta Podcast

by: Heather on 11/15/2007
Posted in: Activism

John Banta, author of Extreme Weather Hits Home was recently interviewed by David McMillian for his Strategies for Living podcast. They discuss a variety of weather related building issues ranging from the dramatic (hurricane damage) to the frighteningly commonplace (moisture damage caused by changing climate zones). John estimates that over 50% …

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