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by: Heather on 09/25/2007
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Today we have a guest post from Albert Bates, author of The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook and director of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology and the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Tennessee. Thanks Albert!

After a busy year teaching natural building and permaculture at The Farm, I am getting ready for my Fall tour. I spent August in the Yucatan preparing an all new road show featuring robotic Mars rovers, creeping mats of intergalactic fungi, avenging dolphins, and delightful collapse scenarios following peak oil and mortgage foreclosures. It isn't all doom and gloom, there is a Prestige for this magic trick, wherein the artist escapes and has a lovely dinner of tsubu-tsubu and dandelion wine. While I was composing, a Category 5 hurricane knocked at my coconut-wood door, forcing me to high ground to ride it out. When that passed I kayaked the Straits of Cuba and confirmed first hand what I had predicted in my books -- that sea level changes come not with a whimper but a bang, in storm events that reshape coastlines and rivers. August pronouncements by James Hansen, George Monbiot and others suggest that sudden change is not the exception but the norm when it comes to climate. What is happening now is like the rap of the stick in zen: instant enlightenment.

Image credit: Albert Bates

For the next week or two I will be touring Ireland with Davie Philip and Rob Hopkins, and then back for a Table Talk at the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, a seminar at Omega Institute, and the Southern Festival of Books, among other stops. A 30-minute radio interview during the morning drive time in Orange County, California is up here. Magazines like Plenty and Vanity Fair have come out with recent photo stories on the Farm and the extended interview I did in Culture Change is seeing some syndication in the blogosphere. My walking tour of the Ecovillage Training Center here is still gathering eyeballs at Current TV and several of our workshop participants have posted clips of strawbale, earthbag and cob to YouTube.

For tour dates and links to more streaming files, YouTube videos, and interviews, please visit The Great Change.

Best to you,

Albert Bates


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