West Coast Green!

by: Heather on 09/24/2007
Posted in: Events

The blog has been quiet for the past few days because we were off displaying New Society books at West Coast Green in San Francisco. I had hoped to post entries from the road, but the show was hopping and we were busy all the time. It was great to see so many of our authors there - Paula Baker-Laporte (Prescriptions for A Healthy House), John Banta (Extreme Weather Hits Home), Alex Wilson (Your Green Home and Green Building Products), Andres Edwards (The Sustainability Revolution) to name a few. The show was fantastic and really served to demonstrate that interest in green building and sustainability has never been greater. We are so lucky to be publishing books that resonate with so many people, and it's so great to get out on the road and get the sense that people really appreciate what it is that we do.

And we're back now, so this week look for more interesting stories, new books and more!


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