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by: Kiana on 07/02/2016
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“Cell phones, PCs, and the Internet are now completely integrated in global culture, i-culture: welcomed by most, resisted by some, the impact apparent for all. (iMinds, Introduction, page xi)



Photo credit: http://inhabitat.com/children-and-teens-exhibit-signs-of-technology-addiction/

As a part of our Summer Sale 2016, we’re featuring reads to get you outside and away from the attachments to handhelds and computers, Dr. Mari Swingle, a recognized psychoneurophysiologist, explores the pervasive influence of i-technology in iMinds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, and Social Media are Changing Our Brains, Our Behaviour, and the Evolution of Our Species. Weaving together history, popular literature, media and industry hype, sociology and psychology, and observations from over 18 years of clinical practice and research i-Minds demonstrates:

●      How constant connectivity is rapidly changing our brains

●      What dangers are posed to children and adults alike in this brave, new world

●      The positive steps we can take to embrace new technology while protecting our well-being and steering our future in a more human direction.

This extraordinary book is an indispensable look at a revolution where the only constant is change—food for thought about which aspects of technology we should embrace, what we should unequivocally reject, and the many facets of the digital era that we should now be debating.

Care to know more about what’s really going on in our brains? Click here for a free download of Chapter Three, The Biological Science.

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