Rioening Tomatos

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Sara Reeves

Hi Linda,

For at least the past five years my tomato's will not ripen on the vine. I get plenty of fruit but they stay green, I have even left them till the end of Sept early October and no luck. Any suggestions? Also a few of my plants leaves have become spotted, in some cases the leaves looks almost black while the rest of the greenery turns yellow.Thanks

Wednesday 17 August 2011 11:58:46 am

Linda Gilkeson

Hi Sara,
It sounds like your plants are just not getting enough heat. Our summers are fairly cool for tomatoes at the best of times and the last 2 summers have been particularly disappointing. You might be planting varieties that need more heat and a longer growing season than our summers usually provide. Some of the large 'heritage' tomatoes, such as the Brandywines and beefsteaks, have to be grown in a really warm, protected spot or in a greenhouse or plastic tunnel, to get enough heat to ripen on the vine. Cherry tomatoes and other small-fruited tomatoes ripen outdoors more reliably. Several leaf diseases catch up with tomatoes, particularly when weather is cool and damp in late summer. Your plants don't sound like they have late blight because that usually progresses very quickly to complete collapse of the vine. Do everything you can to keep the foliage dry, with good air circulation to reduce infections: prune out old, lower leaves, pinch back tops of vines, stake plants up off the ground. Best of luck!

Thursday 18 August 2011 07:45:40 am

Sit Sloat

Fall is underway and there are still plenty of tomatoes in the garden, many still green. As temperatures drop consistently below 60 degrees (according weather app from apknite), they are less likely to grow red on the vine and as soon as that first frost hits, it’s game over. New fruit is unlikely to develop once cool weather hits, but with a little help, those green tomatoes already on the vine can still beat that dreaded first freeze.

Monday 08 July 2019 01:02:42 am

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