2012 election significance?

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LL Pete

Dimitry, do you think there would be a significant difference in the end game whether Obama is re-elected or not? It appears to me that Obama's re-election would be a continuation of capitulation to the Republicans and a slower agonizing decline, while election of a Republican would precipitate a quick agonizing crash. Maybe quicker is better.

Thursday 21 July 2011 07:33:32 pm

Dmitry Orlov

The problem is not with the president. The problem is with the presidency. Who gets elected makes no difference at all. The entire political debate in the US can be framed in terms of "who can't say what". The conservatives can say that the country is bankrupt but can't say that most Americans are only alive thanks to government largess and would starve or be stranded without it; the liberals can acquiesce to the largess but can't say that the country is bankrupt and can no longer afford it. Neither side can admit that there are huge problems with resource depletion and climate disruption that spell the end of economic growth, so they continue to delude themselves that there is the possibility of "recovery". The "bipartisan relationship" is starting to resemble a suicide pact.

Friday 22 July 2011 08:54:30 am

Anthony Nolan

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