Handicapped Folks

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Marcelle McMillen

I am not new to Peak Oil or "Doomer"/"Transitional Societies" conversations.
In all of my reading I have yet to come across anyone with a rational plan of preparatory action for those of us who have some kind of handicap whether it be significantly limiting or a minor nuisance.

Some of us are too fatigued by the daily limp of survival to put much thought or action into anything beyond what is necessary. In my case, add a giant dollop of heart wrenching grief from the recent loss of my entire immediate family, including my only child, a dear son.

I do not have much of a drive to remain here if things go all catawampus. Nor do I want to be a burden on society.

I am sure there are people like me and certainly others with greater physical and/or mental limitations and a stronger passion for living.

By the way - I am not that old either. Just one of those people who attract tragedy like lint.

Any thoughts for them/us?

Thursday 21 July 2011 03:50:06 pm

Chuck Dorcey

If nothing else, you can press on, one day after another, showing those of us who have been gifted with easier circumstances what it means to live with courage. And if you have some soil, find out what kind of food will grow there. Even a token harvest, just one vegetable for just one meal, can be satisfying. From a little plot just four feet square (16 square feet), I just pulled five pounds of carrots. By next year, the soil will be better, and I hope to get more.

Thursday 21 July 2011 05:45:48 pm

EJ Hurst

Even just a handful of bean seeds in a pot on the window seal can be rewarding.

A community of people needs all people - physicality is not the only kind of strength we need. It looks like there may be a lot of grief in our future. Dmitry talks about the rate of suicide in Russia of middle aged men. A lot of tragedy in your life means a lot of skills for coping with grief- something others might not have.

Friday 22 July 2011 10:59:46 am

Dmitry Orlov

One thing that many people find counterintuitive is that it is often the healthy, fit, successful "happy-shiny" people that come out the worst when things break down, while those that had a hard life, and are grateful just to be alive, often go on more or less as before. Yes, there are certain things that are key for survival for some people — things like insulin, dialysis, heart medication, motorized wheelchairs and so forth, but these are all rather specific problems that can be solved much more easily than large-scale, systemic ones. The range of survivable conditions can be expected to narrow over time, but this can be a gradual enough process.

Friday 22 July 2011 04:21:40 pm

Roy Parks

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