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John Michael Greer

One of the advantages of this forum is that it allows readers to ask questions of authors, and authors to find out what their readers want to know. If anyone has any questions about _The Wealth of Nature_ or either of my two previous New Society books, _The Long Descent_ and _The Ecotechnic Future_, this is the place to ask!

Wednesday 15 June 2011 08:06:34 pm

EJ Hurst


Last week Dagblog put up a post entitled "Doom, doom, doom and more doom" and reviewed The Wealth of Nature, Reinventing Collapse and End of Growth. What do you think of the Doomer moniker? Do you think it is applicable to you and your work?

Wednesday 22 June 2011 10:34:52 am

Keith Hermann

As I wrote to you earlier on this subject, I'll repost it here:

"It takes uncommonly clear vision to see reality through the murk and haze of the Great Spectacle that distracts the mass of humanity. These three (JMG, Orlov & Heinberg) are realists, not doomers. None of them, however, has adequately addressed the power of the human spirit to make effective changes once reality comes into clear focus. Therefore, I would stop short of calling any of them "visionaries", despite their ability to perceive and describe reality."

So my twist on this question, is whether or not JMG accepts the titles of "realist" or "visionary". Another thought here, is that JMG HAS addressed the power of the human spirit, just in a different collection of books generally not familiar to peak-oilers and kollapsniks.

Wednesday 22 June 2011 11:15:10 am

EJ Hurst

Why don't we try out "prophet" on him too? What say you JMG?

Wednesday 22 June 2011 11:44:53 am

John Michael Greer

EJ, with regard to the label "doomer," well, basically what I'm saying in my books is that history is still happening. Civilizations are born, rise, mature, decline and fall; that's history, and it's a delusion to think that it won't happen to ours. It's a mark of the giddy mythologizing of our time that a bit of simple realism like this would be slapped with a stigmatizing label like "doomer."

Wednesday 22 June 2011 02:21:53 pm

John Michael Greer

Keith, I don't think of myself as a visionary at all. I'm a historian -- my college degree is in history of ideas -- and most of what guides my ideas is a recognition that history tends to follow common patterns, and we can get some guidance about the future by seeing what happened the last time current strategies were tried. The label "realist" seems not at all inappropriate for that.

EJ, nah, strictly a non-prophet operation. blunk

Wednesday 22 June 2011 02:24:01 pm

Lester Gandor


Wednesday 06 March 2019 06:48:31 am